Bed Bug Control Pasadena

bed bugs
Bed bugs can lay up to five eggs a day.

You might be quite surprised to learn how troublesome bed bugs can be, if you’ve never had n encounter with them. Bed bugs have been on the rise in the Pasadena area. We are receiving more calls for bed bug control than ever before.

Bed Bugs Treatment

Many people who have called us, have mistaken other pests for bed bugs. Bed bugs have an oval shaped body that is sort of flat and a brownish color. They are only the size of an apple seed and often appear fatter or swollen if they have recently fed. Bed bugs are not always found in the bedroom.

Common places for bed bugs to hide are mattresses, sheets and bedding, behind a headboard, other furniture and even behind outlet covers. Any place they can easily crawl into, could be a hiding place. Bed bug problems commonly occur after someone has traveled or if they have had someone visiting their home who brought bed bugs in unknowingly.

Bed Bug Threats

Bed bugs are harmless, but can feed on you while you are asleep, causing you to wake to small, itchy bites and bumps on your body. This is usually the most common way that people discover they have a bed bug problem. Another way is finding fecal spots and blood on their bedding.

Pasadena Bed Bug Control

If you have any suspicion that you have bed bugs, give our Pasadena bed bug control experts a call at 626-765-3008, today.