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At Quality A Plus Pest Control we get many calls to rid a home of fleas. These pests can be a terrible problem to deal with. We have developed strong treatment plans to remove fleas from your home.

You Can Count On Our Flea Treatments

You may be like many of our customers and attempt to resolve the problem on your own first. Sometimes this is enough and sometimes the problem is more severe and requires professional treatments.

Fleas have no wings and are disgusting parasites that will suck blood. Most think they will only feed on your pets, but actually, fleas will make themselves at home in your hair.

Call Quality A Plus for Effective Flea Solutions

We encourage you to call us and learn more about our flea treatments before doing anything in order to save time and money. Let our professionals take care of your flea problem. We are quick and efficient and will end your issue with fleas right away! Call us at 626-765-3008, today!