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If you see an insect that is shaped like a shield, you are looking at a stinkbug. They also have antenna and strange looking mouth parts used to eat vegetation. Their color is typically either brown or green.

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The marmorated stink bug is normally brown, and they also have the traditional shape of a shield. As far as size, they run about seventeen millimeters on average.

Up to thirty offspring can come from just one email stinkbug in a season. They will hatch and then search for food right away.

What Are Pasadena Stinkbungs

These pests always eat vegetables and fruits, as well as flowers. You will see gross marks on your garden plants. Stinkbugs and take over a garden or flower bed, leaving it in ruins.

Do you think you have a problem with stinkbugs?

It becomes clear you have a problem when you notice many of these insects after summer ends. Also, look for damage in your garden. And you can certainly bet that if you have seen just a few stinkbugs, there are usually many more out of sight.

Managing Stinkbugs

Once stinkbugs get in a house, they are a pain to get rid of. Here are a few tips in preventing a stink bug problem.

Windows and doors should not have any cracks or small openings. Screens in doors and windows should not have any gaping holes. Weather stripping is always a plus to use around windows and doors. You may consider screens for air vents.

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Be proactive about stinkbugs before they invade your home. These pests don’t need to feed during the winter, and they always go indoors to stay warm. Our stink bug control of Pasadena exterminators will aid you in eliminating your stinkbug problem. Call 626-765-3008 today!