Spider Control Pasadena

Are you dealing with a spider problem in the Pasadena, California area? You’ve come to the right place! Our highly-trained spider control technicians can take care of both poisonous and harmless spiders. We are aware that there are many reasons that people seek a professionals to remove spiders and whatever that reason is, we have specialists who can help you!

Common Spiders in Los Angeles County

Many people do not realize that spiders can actually be somewhat beneficial. They will eat other insects and pests in your home. So, the first way to take care of a spider problem, is eliminating any other pest problems you may have. This will take care of their food source and they won’t want to stick around.

You can find both poisonous spiders and harmless spiders in the Pasadena area. At Quality A Plus Pest Control, we can service both. If you ever come across a spider in your home that you believe may be poisonous you should call us at 626-765-3008, immediately!

The poisonous spiders that are most commonly found in Pasadena are the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. You may be able to kill a spider fairly easily on your own, but it will not protect you from the spiders that are hiding.

Black Widows in Pasadena


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Brown widows are a common spider in California. Call 626-765-3008 for spider control no matter the type!

Black widow spiders are pretty recognizable by their iconic silky black coloring and red hourglass on their underside. Black widow spiders are extremely poisonous and should be taken care of immediately. They are most commonly found by customers in dark areas such as sheds, basements and crawlspaces, and attics. If you are unsure of whether a spider is poisonous, it’s always better to just call a professional to be safe. Our spider control of Pasadena professionals are highly trained in poisonous spider control.

Pasadena Brown Recluse Removal

Brown recluses are also commonly found in Pasadena.They are typically a brownish-gold color, with a black line down their back. You can often tell the difference between a brown recluse spider and other spiders by their web. Their webs are usually messy and unkempt unlike other spiders, which are usually asymmetrical and neat. A very common place to find brown recluse spiders is in wood piles, basements, sheds and garages.

Say Goodbye to Spiders With Our Quality Treatments

Our spider control of Pasadena experts will get rid of your current spider problem whether it is poisonous or harmless and we will work to help you prevent future spiders. Call us at 626-765-3008 today!