Termite Control Pasadena

Termites consist of over 2,000 different types in the world. The most common types found in the Pasadena area are damped, drywall and subterranean termites. For this reason, it’s really no surprise that they can cause such a huge amount of damage to homes each and every year across the United States.

termite control
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On the other hand, they also have their advantages. They are useful in that they do wood and plant recycling. However, honestly the advantages are way outweighed by the disadvantages when they are busy destroying your home or other wooden structures.

Termite Treatment

The first sign of termites is usually finding damage on some of your wooden structures or noticing mud tunnels that climb up the wall of your foundation. If you believe you have any type of termite problem, you should contact us at 626-765-3008, immediately.

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Termites are not a pest that you should try to exterminate on your own. We recommend that you let our professionals take care of the problem right away and allow us to create a treatment plan to prevent future termite troubles on your property.